Sylvia paints in her home studio in Kingston upon Thames, and her work draws on a wide range of influences from a lifetime of travelling and living abroad.

There’s a fascination with Australian light and colour, Tropical plants, Middle Eastern Architecture, as well as verdant English gardens; all painted on either large canvasses or smaller unframed work.

“My work is spontaneous, immediate with lots of vivid Acrylics and coloured inks, and then softer pastel colours. I keep returning afterwards with masses of texture, line scribbles and cut out paper collage. My hand likes to keep moving over the paper, with quick lines of extra colour.”

“It seems like time stands still when I paint and I feel caught up in an invisible dreamscape space, filled with joy. Colour delights me, and it’s the never ending possibility of finding colours and textures that sing together, that carries me along.”